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Aloha and welcome HOME. I'm a fly little bird traveling the world, making music, teaching yoga, and sharing my journey through writing. This page is a reflection of all we can manifest in our lives when we let go and get into the flow of what we truly desire. I live my life as an example to break free of what confines and restricts us and live in the expansion of the moment. In this moment, I am journeying through Europe practicing and teaching yoga under pine trees, oak trees, and maples trees. I am getting in touch with nature and developing my yoga workshop series inspired by the 5 elements. Stay tuned in to this frequency for updates on retreats in faraway lands where you can indulge in yoga, sound healing, music, connection and anything your fly little hearts desire. Press the play button to cruise some of my tunes. Or venture on to my yoga page. I am giving away an absolutely free audio guided meditation for signing up for my mailing list here.


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